Jamison Custom 660

Models for the new Jamison Custom line are slowly rolling in and this week we are featuring the Custom 660.  People who were big fans of the RST440 will find the Custom 660 to be reminiscent of its predecessor in feel.  They both have a nice soft Pillow Top that contoured like a tailor made suit.  The Custom take the features up a notch. 

The Custom 660 adds  Jamison latest advancement in foams: The Smart Foams.  Three different smart foam are utilized in the custom lineup to take the comfort that people expect from Jamison and up the therapeutic benefits.  The new range of smart foams really are some of the most advanced contouring and pressure relieving materials available in the mattress industry.  The bottom line is that everything you loved about the RST mattresses have been improved in the new custom line. 

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