What’s New with Stearns and Foster?

In 2019 we saw the release of some of the most exciting Stearns and Foster products in years. Their newest offerings maintain all the things we love about these mattresses along with some modern upgrades. It is clear that the partnership of Sealy, Stearns and Foster and Tempur-Pedic has allowed the brands to borrow from each other’s technology. I will explain some of the features that has made Stearns and Foster an American icon for almost two hundred years and the modern advancements that they have integrated into their newest product line.

Classic Stearns and Foster:

When you ask anyone what is their idea of a luxury mattress they will usually reply Stearns and Foster. They have been around since Abraham Lincoln was in office and in that time, they have remained not only relevant but at the top of the mattress food chain. They have achieved this by always making a product that is made with the highest quality components and craftsmanship. They are still handmade and hand tufted. This method of hand tufting the mattress is all but completely forgotten in the industry due to its complicated and costly process. This method leads to the unparalleled durability of the Stearns and Foster. These methods give the Stearns and Foster its old-world style. When you lie down on one you know there is something different than all other brands. All models are even signed by the Master Builder that oversaw to production.

Modern Stearns and Foster:

Modern Stearns and Foster mattress have all the thing we love about the classic designs with more advanced coils and foams. Their individual coil design is arguably the best in the business. They have really done a lot with the Memory Foam and Gel Foam options. Since Tempur-Pedic has become part of the same family of brands, we have seen the Stearns and Foster borrow some of the famous Tempur technology. You can now get a mattress with old world craftsmanship and the most advanced modern foams. The good news is that the new models still feel like a Stearns and Foster should. The Memory Foams are used in such a way that most models don’t have a memory foam feel at all. That means for the folks out there that do not like the way memory foam feels can still reap the benefits of the foam.

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