Biltmore Heirloom by Restonic

Biltmore Heirloom Mattress

Innovation and Luxury at it’s Best

It’s always a treat to highlight a brand that takes their work seriously. Restonic does just that. Too many mattress brands are just plugging away making puffy rectangles, but not Restonic. They are at the forefront of innovation and development that truly puts them in a league all to their own. The Biltmore Heirloom is a masterpiece only this kind of dedication could have created.

It started about 80 years ago when the Triple Cushion Corporation, now Restonic, developed the Marvelous Middle. This new and novel approach to mattress making added a center zone of additional support to provide extra durability where our bodies are the heaviest. From a durability standpoint this made so much sense. It is hard to believe it hadn’t been done before. It wasn’t long before Restonic realized that they had stumbled upon something special. Everyone wanted a Marvelous Middle and didn’t mind paying a little extra either. They gained so much national exposer that celebrity spokesman contracts came in left and right, and private partnerships were just around the corner.

Fast forward to today, Restonic has become one of the most sought after brands among consumers looking for a cut above as far as quality is concerned. Recently, Restonic caught the attention of the The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina and entered a co-branded partnership to build the most luxurious mattresses inspired by the Vanderbilt family. The Biltmore Estate is the largest privately owned home in America and has a reputation for opulence. Any respectable mattress company would jump at the chance to partner with The Biltmore Estate, but only one brand made the cut. The Biltmore Heirloom mattresses by Restonic embody the essence craftsmanship. Back in the days of the prominent Vanderbilt, family mattresses were built to last entire generations. The only way to achieve this today is to use those same quality components.

Biltmore Heirloom Luxury Components:

  • All Natural Cotton
  • Cashmere Damask (from Belgium)
  • All Natural Latex Rubber
  • High Carbon Steel Coils (individually wrapped 2000-4000 count)
  • Canadian Spruce Wood Frame
  • Cover design from inside the Biltmore Estate

I’m sure you are wondering at this point where you can find something like this. We have great news! Mattress Gallery Direct has decided to bring the Biltmore Heirloom by Restonic collection to middle Tennessee in all five of our local family owned showrooms. We have expert Bedding Specialists ready to assist and give you a tour of one of the finest curated collections of bedding in existence. Check out these Restonic mattresses at Mattress Gallery Direct in Smyrna, Franklin, or Murfreesboro TN.

See you soon.

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