Organic Latex Mattress in Franklin TN.

Have you been on the search for Organic Latex mattresses in or around the Franklin TN. area? You’re in luck! Mattress Gallery Direct on Bakers Bridge Road & Jordan Road have several of these Natural Mattresses on SALE today.

So, why Latex?

Latex mattresses are very unique. Latex material offers an unmatched level contour and support unlike any man made product. And maybe that’s because it is not man made. Latex mattress material is derived from the rubber tree and provides a sap that when baked at high temperatures give us natures finest in sleep technology. Consumers have found that Latex mattresses are a great option for side, back, and even stomach sleepers alike.

Latex material is also environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. This is great news if you have a tendency to prefer less chemicals and irritants in your home. These luxury mattresses are some of the most well respected among natural and organic certification entities.

Where can I buy a Latex Mattress in Franklin TN.?

Mattress Gallery Direct is middle TN.s #1 Family Owned Mattress Store with Latex Mattresses on SALE and in stock today. You have several options from some of the top producers of latex mattresses such as Jamison Bedding, Spring Air, & Legendaire Resort & Hotel Collection.

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One thought on “Organic Latex Mattress in Franklin TN.

  1. We are new to Franklin TN. and needed a new mattress. Everyone in our new neighborhood recommended Mattress Gallery Direct so we stopped by to see what kind of deals they had on a Latex Hybrid mattress. Our last mattress was a latex hybrid and it was absolutely amazing. We tried several mattresses and ended up buying the Jamison Latex mattress. It is very comfortable and reasonably priced. We will shop here again!

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