Englander Resort and Hotel Elite Pillow Top

Our friends at Englander have expanded their Resort and Hotel Collection line to include several new models. One that has really taken off is the Elite Pillow Top. Like others in the line it features many of the famous Resort Collection options. The Elite Pillow Top starts, like all Resort and Hotel Collection models, with a zoned pocketed coil. The pocket coil offers several benefits. The most known if the motion separation. That means when your partner moves you do not. Less disturbance means longer and deeper sleep. The individual coil also offers more back support than any other coil on the market. The back-support zone also adds to the therapeutic benefits. It is firm in the lower back portion of your body. The zone also helps the mattress last longer by being stronger in area where our bodies are the heaviest. The Elite Pillow Top has some unique features that makes it stand out in the Engalnder Resort and Hotel Collection. The Gel foam in the top gives the mattress a very different feel that others in the line. Many people feel that it is the perfect mattress for couples that don’t always agree on the comfort. Its soft top layer is perfect for the person who likes a soft feel but the underlying firmness will make the firm fan happy. It is a great compromise mattress for couples.

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