Mattress Disposal Murfreesboro, Franklin Smyrna TN.

Did you know that Mattress Gallery Direct will dispose of your old mattress when you purchase a new mattress? That’s right! With the purchase of a new mattress in Murfreesboro, Franklin, or Smyrna TN. we will gladly take the old mattress away.

What does Mattress Gallery Direct do with the old mattresses? Great question!

The first option is to donate. There are many people in need of a mattress but simply are not in a position to purchase one. We work with a few select local charities that help find a home for someone in need. Several mattresses that we take away are in pretty decent shape and can help those less fortunate have a place to sleep.

The second option is a recycle service. Did you know that the steel inside of a mattress can be recycled? This helps us keep the environment safe so that the old mattresses do not end up in a land fill.

The foams inside most mattresses have chemicals that can be a danger to the environment. When Mattress Gallery Direct mattress stores in Murfreesboro, Franklin, & Smyrna haul off your old mattress, we make sure the foams are disposed of safely.

So, how do you get rid of that old worn out mattress. Simple. Visit a local Mattress Gallery Direct and speak with one of our Certified Bedding Specialists. They will help you select the right mattress from Top Name Brands such as Sealy, Tempur-pedic, Stearns & Foster, just to name a few. When you set up your delivery date just let your bedding specialist know that you need you old mattress disposed of. They will handle it from there.

Feel free to visit the Mattress Gallery Direct Website to download your FREE Mattress Guide. See you soon!

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