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Best Mattress Store in Murfreesboro TN.

Well I can tell you this much; when this coronavirus debacle is over, the mattress stores are going to be full of people. Think about it. People have spent so much time at home in the past couple of months and are starting to notice common household items that are in need of replacement. The stress that has come with this untimely event has robbed millions of a good night’s rest. That can only mean one thing as far as I’m concerned. Who is having the best deals on name brand mattresses for SALE in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and Franklin Tennessee? Mattress Gallery Direct, the local family owned mattress store in middle Tennessee has been gearing up to give the residents of mid Tennessee some much needed relief. A good night’s rest! Let’s start by mentioning a few things to look for in a new mattress.

  • What brand of mattress do you currently have? (What did you like and what didn’t like about it?)
  • What are some of the key indicators that now is the time to replace your new mattress? (This will help your MGD Certified Bedding Specialist in making a recommendation for your new mattress set)
  • Are you experiencing back, hip, or neck trouble directly or indirectly related to your mattress? (If so, how is this affecting your sleeping situation?)

After you have armed yourself with this vital information you are ready to start mattress shopping. We highly recommend visiting a local Mattress Gallery Direct instead of shopping online. There are many products that can successfully be purchased online, however, a mattress is rarely one of them. Did you know that almost 40% in some cases of online bought mattresses get returned within the 1st one hundred nights. This is because there really is no replacement for digging in and trying the different brands, models, and comfort variations for yourself. With this in mind feel free to bring your favorite pillow to test the mattresses. If you are not satisfied with your current pillow, no problem. MGD has great deals on pillows too. Once you have googled “the best mattress store near me” and found your closest Mattress Gallery Direct location, come on over and be ready for some fun. If you have read all of our five star reviews and have wondered how a local small business chain like ours has been rated the top place to buy a mattress, here is why. Although we take our work very seriously we are also serious about making your experience unique and fun. Buying a great name brand mattress on sale, believe it or not, can be exciting. Just read the reviews. Here are a few things that our Certified Bedding Specialists do to ensure that your mattress shopping experience is top notch.

  • Comfort assessment (Try variations of styles to pinpoint a what you prefer.)
  • Test several top name brand mattresses (This gives you full control to decide what is right for you.)
  • We try the best quality mattresses in all price ranges. (Our CBS staff does not work on commission to ensure that you are being educated properly with no strings attached)
  • We test out an adjustable base to see if you would benefit from sleeping in an elevated posture. (Premium adjustable base systems have become more common these days.)

Once you have selected the perfect mattress we take a look at all of our financing specials and delivery options to get you going as quickly as possible. In most cases we can have a mattress delivered in as little as a few hours from the time you have purchased your new sleep set. We look forward to seeing you. Below is a helpful list of the big mattress sale items available in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and Franklin TN.

  • Tempur-pedic Adapt
  • Tempur-pedic Pro Adapt
  • Tempur-pedic Luxe Adapt
  • Tempur-pedic Luxe Adapt Breeze
  • Stearns & Foster Estate Collection
  • Stearns & Foster Luxe Estate Hybrid Collection
  • Sealy Crown Jewell
  • Sealy Posturepedic
  • Sealy Palatial Crest Luxury Series
  • Capital Sleep Solutions by Capital Bedding (Health & Wellness)
  • Legendaire Grand Resort International
  • Englander Resort Collection
  • Jamison Resort Custom by Jamison Bedding (Makers of the Marriott Bed)
  • Wellsville by Malouf Gel foam & Hybrid edition
  • Leggett & Platt Adjustable bases

Mattress Gallery Direct is hosting a big Mattress SALE going on now! be sure to visit the MGD website to get your Free Pillow offer and Free Mattress Guide to help kick off your mattress buying experience. Remember, we have 5 locations in Middle TN open Monday – Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm.


2018 Medical Center Parkway • Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: 615-867-0949

132 St. Andrews, Suite A • Murfreesboro, TN 37128
Phone: 615-896-0428


7090 Bakers Bridge Avenue • Franklin, TN 37067
Phone: 615-764-0939

790 Jordan Road, Suite 101 • Franklin, TN 37067
Phone: 615-236-9877


550 Sam Ridley Parkway, Suite 150 • Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-267-0086

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