Jamison Custom Resort Lucerne

The folks a Jamison are at it again.  Some of the new models that were shown at the Las Vegas show this year are hitting showroom floors.  One model that is really standing out is the Lucerne.  While all the new models have been well received the Lucerne is really making a splash.  It is so popular that we are having a hard time keeping them in stock. 

What makes the Lucerne so special?

The Lucerne is just one of those beds that all design aspects and components just mesh so well that it just has the “it” factor.  The core is designed with the pocket or individual core that really gives it a stable but supportive feel.  When you lie down you know you are on something solid that will give you years of support.  The Gel Foam that are used in the Pillow Top work with the coil give you a plush firm comfort that works for most couples even if one likes soft and the other likes a firm feel.  The Gel also provides the kind of deep contour that most doctors and chiropractors agree that you must have for support and pressure relief.  Top that of with a high yarn density fabric on top and you have the ingredients of an awesome mattress. 

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