New TEMPUR-PEDIC Adapt in Murfreesboro, Franklin, & Smyrna TN.

If I’ve said it once I’ve a hundred times. The New TEMPUR-PEDIC Adapt series is Awesome! I have been a Tempur-pedic fan for many years and just like any brand they put out exceptional product lines and sometimes not. However, this New Adapt, Pro Adapt, Luxe Adapt, and Breeze collection is the most impressive I have seen to date. The Tempur brand has been has a household name for many years even though they have been some of the more costly options in the bedding industry. This time around they decided to bring them to the market at a price point that boggles the mind especially considering how advanced they are. This is the most aggressive pricing that Tempur-pedic has ever allowed. Now there is simply no excuse. Almost anyone can now afford to buy one. They even offer special financing to allow for easy monthly payments. A few quick highlights about the NEW TEMPUR-PEDIC mattresses available at Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Smyrna TN.

  • Smart Climate Dual Cover System (Keeps you cool and fresh. Reduces heat)
  • Tempur -ES Comfort Layer (This is a softer comfort layer)
  • Original Tempur Comfort Layer (Consistent support for long term durability)
  • Tempur-APR Support Layer (Most Pressure relieving product to date)
  • Breeze Technology (Cooler sleep with an 8 degrees cooler option) WOW!

Be sure to check out the whole NEW line up of Tempur-Pedic mattresses at any of your local Mattress Gallery Direct showrooms. Be sure to visit their website to get your FREE Mattress Guide.

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