Which Stearns & Foster Mattress is BEST for back support?

We get this question over and over, and for good reason. Stearns & Foster really has become an industry leader in the furniture and mattress business. It’s no longer a question of “should I buy a Stearns & Foster”? but “Which S&F should I buy”? The great news is that you have plenty of great options. The Stearns company has really put some time and effort into their luxury offerings. When you’ve been manufacturing mattresses for over 170 years, you learn how to do it right. This year they came out swinging with a robust collection of luxury hand made bedding selections to fit pretty much any array of comfort preferences. Let’s take a look at the flagship Estate Collection first.

Estate Collection:

The new Estate Collection is really something to celebrate. Stearns and Foster decided to bring some of their most luxurious features all the way down to the starting level. However, starting level for S&F is still a considerable cut above most mattress brands. These fine mattresses feature the classic Stearns & Foster Intellicoil that has been a big hit since it’s introduction a few years back. The design is simple and effective. A coil within a coil to offer and outer conform-ability and an inner support. Moving up into the top comfort layering of the mattress they are offering their New memory foam which is built by Tempur-pedic for Stearns & Foster. The new foam is a huge achievement for this luxury bedding manufacturer. Imagine the top maker of coil mattresses teaming up with the top rated mattress company that specializes in high quality memory foam and making a true Hybrid product that is second to none.

Luxe Estate Collection:

Moving on to the 2nd level in the Stearns & Foster catalog we will consider the Luxe Estate Collection. These beautifully designed mattresses feature everything the Estate series boasts with even more. You will see an increase in the Tempur-pedic designed memory foam. You will also get the option of upgrading to nano and micro coil comfort layers. These layers are in the top comfort section of the mattress and is a unique way to get an additional conforming effect. Great mattresses. Phenomenal quality.

Luxe Estate Hybrid Collection:

Now we’re cooking. The Luxe Estate Hybrid is probably our favorite product that Stearns and Foster has to offer. This mattress is perfect for those on the fence about all foam vs. coil mattresses. The topsurface of the mattress is smooth like an all foam memory foam mattress with several layers of Tempur-pedic comfort layers. Under the Tempur layers you get thousands of coils. That’s right! Thousands. They combine Nano, Micro, and IntelliCoil to give more coils than you could count. These mattresses are so unique feeling you have to try them for yourself.

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