What’s the “Best Mattress”?

trying to find the right mattress for me

What’s the best mattress? That is the question right? It seems like every brand has the “best technology” for you according to their advertising. In this blog I’d like to clear up a few things and hopefully make the process of shopping for a mattress much easier for you guys. I’m going to be uncovering what is really most important when shopping for a new mattress and cutting through the bull served up to you through clever youtube ads.

First of all let’s go ahead and tackle the whole “Bed in a Box” craze going on right now. I have to admit that the advertising methods utilized by these online boxed mattress companies are unique and entertaining. The important thing to remember after you have been thoroughly entertained is that clever advertising is not a testimony the true quality of a product. In many cases the company will spend more on advertising than research and quality control, leaving the consumer holding the bag when the bottom falls out and the product fails to deliver on its Big Promises. If you can’t already tell, I am not a fan of the mattress in a box business model. To cut to the chase I will list the top 3 reasons that that I believe this kind of product is a bad investment for the consumer.

  • Good quality foam and springs should NOT be able to be smashed into a box. It is suppose to support your whole body for many years. Do you really want something that is so weak that you can literally compress it within a few inches of it’s actual size? Come on.
  • How can a mattress brand offer a 10 year warranty and bold claims about the longevity of their product if they haven’t even been in business long enough to know. In other words if your warranty is 10 years long you should at least be able say that your company has existed long enough to know if your claims are even true. Unless their genius technology department has a time machine I think they might be over promising and leaving the consumer to find out they will under deliver.
  • My last big beef with the boxed mattress online business model is that it steals from your local economy. I realize it is difficult to make purchases based on the support of your local economy. I’m mean the online companies really do have some attractive prices. But hey, remember that shopping can be a fun experience and there are trained bedding experts at your local mattress stores ready to help you and let you test drive these products in person. I realize some things are just down right easier to buy online, but a mattress? Come on! A mattress is something you should test out in person before it shows up to your home like a thin crust pizza in a cardboard box. Support your local economy and do yourself a favor by getting a better quality product.

I get this question more than any other. “What’s the best mattress”? I’ve got a simple answer. The “Best Mattress” is the mattress that relieves pressure on your pressure points while keeping your spine in a neutral position. Plain and simple. The next question that follows is “ok but how do I know which model and brand will do that”? This is why it is important to research which mattress company in your area is the best with the highest trained sales staff. You want a bedding and sleep expert to help walk you through this journey. Here is a list of things to look for in your research.

  • Who has the most and best Google Reviews?
  • Check with a local Chiropractor or Doctor for recommendations.
  • Find a store with several brands to choose from. Not just the few name brands but also look for some more specialty products as well. (Stores that carry specialty brands usually know more about their product offerings and are better trained to help).
  • And last but not least try to shop locally owned. If you are fortunate enough to have a locally owned specialty bedding store go in and give them a chance to help. They usually know more about the products and have better customer service than the Big Box stress.

If you live close to Nashville TN we would love to invite you to any of our Mattress Gallery Direct showrooms. We are locally owned and ready to help walk you through this important decision to get your sleep in order. If you are looking for the best place to buy a mattress near Murfreesboro TN, Smyrna TN, or Franklin TN we have showrooms in all of those places. Feel free to check out our website for more info and to get your FREE PILLOW coupon and Free MATTRESS STARTER GUIDE.
If you live in Alabama or Florida you can check out our sister company  http://bestmattresspensacola.com/

Here is a list of brands we proudly offer.

  • Tempur-Pedic
  • Sealy Crown Jewel
  • Stearns & Foster
  • Englander Resort Collection
  • Jamison Custom Bedding Co.
  • Wellsville Malouf
  • Capitol Bedding
  • Leggett & Platt
  • Legendaire Grand Resort
  • Easman Bedding
  • Glideaway

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