Franklin TN. Sealy Mattress Store

Franklin TN Sealy Mattress Store

Did you know that Sealy has been manufacturing mattresses for almost 100 years. That’s right! They have really made a name for themselves of the last several decades. The formula is simple. They make great quality bedding at not just an affordable price, but an unbeatable price.

So what makes a Sealy mattress so reliable?

First of all, Sealy manufactures their own foam. This keeps the cost low and allows them to give you more for your dollar. They are able to bypass the middle man and save you the high mark up price.

Second of all, they use their famous Posturepedic technology that enhances the support of the mattress and overall durability. This technology consists of extra coils and firmer foam in the middle third of the mattress. Our bodies are heavier in the center and it makes since to beef that area up. You really can’t go wrong with a Sealy Posturepedic mattress.

Great News! Mattress Gallery Direct in Franklin TN. is a premier dealer of Sealy mattress products. We have partnered with Sealy to bring the largest selection of Sealy mattresses on sale in Franklin TN. Check out this video to learn why people say Mattress Gallery Direct is the best place to buy a Sealy mattress near me.

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2 thoughts on “Franklin TN. Sealy Mattress Store

  1. We bought our Sealy Palatial Crest Pl732 mattress from Mattress Gallery Direct after shopping at 2 other local mattress stores in Franklin TN. They had the best prices and the staff was amazing. We had trouble getting anyone to help us at the other mattress stores in town. Mattress Gallery Direct is a family owned business and we are so glad we found them. Nothing like supporting local business. My family has a small business and there is nothing like the customer service of a small company.

  2. We love our new Sealy Posturepedic PL733 mattress we purchased from Mattress Gallery Direct in Franklin TN. They had exactly what we wanted in stock! Best mattress buying experience ever.

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