New Legendaire Mattresses at Mattress Gallery Direct

Legendaire Mattress Gallery Direct

We are excited to introduce to new line up from Legendaire Mattress to Murfreesboro, Franklin, & Smyrna TN. The Legendaire family of luxury brands have supplied the top Resorts & Hotels with commercial grade mattresses for over 50 years. Hospitality mattresses have to be a cut above. That is why they pick Legendaire to service there properties time and time again.

So what makes Legendaire mattresses so unique?

They use a number of commercial grade materials to construct their products resulting in unmatched quality and support. They start by making sure the core of the mattress is top notch. Legendaire utilizes the highest quality high carbon steel coils with center support for longevity. This allows for the mattress to give unrelenting back support for many years to come. This technology happens to be Chiropractor approved and recommended.

However, they don’t stop there. They use a proprietary blend of some of the highest quality comfort layers for pressure relief. Gel, Micro Cell Foam, Latex, Just to name a few. Legendaire pays close attention to detail when constructing their Hotel & Resort grade mattresses. Just sitting on the edge of one of their mattresses will impress you with a substantial sitting area.

One of the best features in the classic Legendaire mattress is their usage of high quality mattress covers. They spare no expense on the outer wrapping of their mattresses. They make sure your mattress is breathable and temperature regulating for a trifecta of comfort. Great Coils, Superior Foam Technology, and Cool sleep you’d have to feel to believe.

Be sure to stop by any Mattress Gallery Direct Location to test out one of these iconic mattresses for yourself. Also, download your FREE mattress guide along with other FREE Offers on our website

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4 thoughts on “New Legendaire Mattresses at Mattress Gallery Direct

  1. We had a wonderful experience purchasing our new Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire mattress from Mattress Gallery Direct. Rick Alexander was a pleasure to work with. He showed us several brands and really made the process easy and fun. Best mattress shopping experience we’ve ever had at the Mattress Gallery Direct Murfreesboro TN mattress store.

  2. We just purchased our Legendaire from the new mattress store in Georgetown, TX, and it is absolutely amazing! I’m a back sleeper, and my wife is a side sleeper, so it’s been very difficult to find a mattress that fits both of our needs. We’ve tried the Purple mattress, the Nectar mattress, and the Avocado mattress, and none of them have been able to satisfy our needs like this mattress has! It’s the best mattress we’ve ever had!

  3. The Legendaire PT930 mattress that I purchased from the mattress store near me has been absolutely wonderful! Not only is it the most beautiful mattress I’ve ever seen, but it’s also the most comfortable one! I’ve stayed in some very nice resorts over the course of my lifetime and have always wondered where I could buy a mattress of that caliber, and luckily, I now know!

  4. I love my Aspen Park Plush mattress by Legendaire. We originally went shopping for a Beautyrest Black mattress and stumbled across the Legendaire Resort Collection mattresses and were blown away by the comfort and support. My husband suffers from severe back pain and he said this mattress has really helped out tremendously.

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