Purple Mattress Murfreesboro TN.

Purple Mattress Murfreesboro TN

We get a lot of people asking about the Purple Mattress in Murfreesboro TN. To be honest and give credit where it’s due, Purple has a very intriguing advertising campaign. Let’s face it. They know how to capture attention in the market place. But is a Purple mattress worth the money? Mattress Gallery Direct has studied high quality mattresses for over 35 years and had the opportunity to obtain a Purple mattress to inspect and give you our opinion on this online Bed in a Box option. Here is what we found.

The Purple Mattress is a Bed in a Box. This means that the core foam in the mattress has to be compromised in order to fit the mattress into a box. Here is a great video to show you what we mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebhxxi10AUw

The Purple mattress also uses a new Purple technology that is pretty much the driving force behind the brand. Essentially the Purple stuff is a grid form of gel. We found that putting Gel in a grid form weakens the support of the material. Gel is a great feature to have in a new mattress, however, we feel that a solid piece is better for pressure relief and long term support. If you are a little skeptical of this assessment, just go to craigslist and search purple mattresses. You will find several for sale that are only a year or two old. People are finding out the hard way that a Bed in a Box may not be as supportive as they thought it would be.

Mattress Gallery Direct can help. We have 2 stores in Murfreesboro TN. with Certified Bedding Specialists on staff to help you select the right mattress. There really is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mattresses.

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  1. We bought a Purple mattress online and it was terrible. We could not get comfortable on it. We went to Mattress Gallery Direct and bought a Latex mattress by Jamison Private resort Collection. 100% improvement! We are finally getting a good night’s rest. Don’t buy a cheap bed in a box mattress. Go to Mattress Gallery Direct and support a local business with great customer service.

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