What is the difference between Residential and Commercial Grade Mattresses?

In the simplest terms a residential mattress is designed to be used in a home and the commercial design is for hotels and the hospitality industry. Why does it matter? It matters because the commercial grade mattresses have a unique problem that they are trying to fix. In fixing these commercial issues they also fix many of the issues that people have with residential mattresses.

Residential Grade Common Complaints:

1. Durability:

Most consumers feel their mattresses wear too quickly and do not last as long as they should.

2. Comfort:

Most consumers feel that residential designs lack the comfort of mattresses found in resorts.

Benefits of Commercial Grade Mattresses:

1. Commercial grade mattresses are designed for the extra abuse that hotels and resorts get. They have higher coil counts and reinforcements that are only found in Commercial Grade designs. These mattresses when used in a residential setting will last up to twice the life of a residential grade.

2. Mattresses used in high end resorts need to have an immediate comfort to give their clients the wow factor that they are looking for. Consumers who want to have that level of comfort in their home need to look for a commercial design.

Common Residential Brands:

– Simmons – Beautyrest – Serta – Casper – Tuft and Needle

Common Commercial Grade Brands:

– Jamison Custom Resort – Englander Resort and Hotel Collection – Stearns and Foster – Homestead Hotel Collection by Corsicana

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